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Okay, So I tried to start a series, and I gave up. I tried to make a redeeming flash to get my skills in tune, and I gave up. I am yet again trying to make a flash movie this time with no voice over to ruin it to redeem myself. Im almost halfway through(the easy half go figure) and if I finish it im gonna finish my other redeeming project as well but ive lost interest in my previous attempt in a flash series, it was overall unimaginative and well, emo. Since im well out my angst years I can't do it lol. Buty varying on how well this next flash goes, we'll see. Have a good one.

Yet another attempt to start flash again

flash movies to come

2008-08-03 19:43:49 by FlamingMoose

If your reading this, the impossible has happened and someone has taken interest to my movies.

I will be releasing a flash originally made for a friend soon and then something I call project Z which will be helping me catch up on my weak animation skills since its been a time since ive animated. Then when I have enough skill I plan to continue my old series hopefully catching more viewers and interest. Thanks for popping by dudes.

flash movies to come